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Service Terms

The contract governed by these Terms & Conditions is made between you and My Car Servicing

Whats Covered

My Car Servicing will carry out pre authorised service work based on your vehicles manufacturers' recommendation. Following inspection of your vehicle (prior to work commencing) we will provide written confirmation of all work authorised and any advisories (An overview of our Full and Interim schedule is available at

We will not carry out any additional work without your consent.

What's Not Covered

Any additional labour or parts required.

Synthetic or special oils, platinum or multi electrode spark plugs when required. We will notify you prior to commencing any work of this type for your approval, or not.

(Unless you specifically ask (prior or decline our recommendation) for a different oil to be used, any oil we use during your My Car Service will be the type of oil recommended by the relevant vehicle manufacturer as appropriate for the Vehicle).

Any work required following an MOT failure or rectification work required in order to bring a Vehicle up to the standards required to pass an MOT.

Aborted Service

My Car Servicing reserve the right to charge an attendance fee of £40 when

If, following any collection of the Vehicle by a Garage we are unable to carry out, or complete, the repair work because it appears, in the garages reasonable opinion, that different or additional work &/or parts are required to repair or maintain the vehicle.

Where we have agreed that the Vehicle will be collected &, on arrival at the agreed time and place of collection, we cannot do so because:

The Vehicle is not there &/or we cannot reasonably gain access to it; or

The Vehicle cannot, through no fault of ours be lawfully driven on the road for example, without restriction, because: The Vehicle is unroadworthy, or

of the condition, or unsuitable nature of, its tyres, or

it does not display a current valid tax disc, or

A locking wheel nut or other device is not present.

Please note: It is your responsibility to remove any personal effects from the Vehicle before work commences.

Collection & Delivery

When required, My Car Servicing will provide a free collection & delivery service. You will be notified of the collection and delivery times when you book . The repairer will confirm this prior to traveling to the collection point.

For the avoidance of doubt, you have no right to compensation or for an alternative method of transport to be arranged if, on any occasion, a collection & delivery service is not made available or delayed.


My Car Servicing will provide a free interior and exterior clean upon completion of repairs, the My Car Servicing valet is a wash & dry clean. We do not provide any deep cleaning or waxing, no items will be removed from the vehicle & it is your responsibility to ensure reasonable access is possible.

Courtesy Car

When required & available, My Car Servicing will provide a free courtesy vehicle. You will be notified of the collection and delivery times when you book . The repairer will confirm this prior to traveling to the collection point. For the avoidance of doubt, you have no right to compensation or for an alternative method of transport to be arranged if, on any occasion, a courtesy vehicle is not made available or delayed.

(Insurance Liability, it is your responsibility to ensure that the courtesy vehicle provided is fully insured during use. You will be responsible for any damage occurred, speeding or other traffic offences during use.)

My Car Servicing reserves the right to rearrange an appointment. In these situations, you will be given as much notice as reasonably possible.


The final fee can only be paid by a valid debit or credit card. The final fee will only be payable (and taken from your card) once repair work has been completed.

The repaired vehicle will not be released until the full fee has been paid.

If work is carried out at a garage's premises & you do not collect or, where return delivery has previously been agreed, refuse to take delivery of the vehicle following the satisfactory completion of repairs a charge will be levied for storage of the vehicle. The relevant current rate of storage for the relevant garage is available on request.

A VAT receipt will be emailed on completion.

Right to Cancel

If you wish to cancel a My Car Service, please ring us on 0800 002 9255.

If bespoke parts are required to complete the work then your right to cancel ends as soon as these parts are ordered.

Our Guarantee

Please note: If you want us to correct a defect under this Guarantee, you must first contact us on 0800 002 9255. Failure to do so will invalidate this Guarantee.

You should contact us if

A defect arises within 12 months or within 12,000 miles of completion of your My Car Service

You should

Take all reasonable steps to minimise any damage which the faulty workmanship or defect may cause, and

Arrange for the Vehicle to be inspected by us as soon as reasonably practicable after discovering the defect; and

Allow us all reasonably necessary access to the Vehicle & co-operation so as to enable us to correct the relevant defect.

Please note that under this Guarantee

We will normally (but not necessarily) arrange for the defect to be corrected by the garage or, if applicable, other service provider which or who originally carried out the work, unless you request otherwise and can demonstrate to our satisfaction that it is not, in the circumstances, reasonable to do so, in which case we will select an alternative garage or service provider to carry out the rectification work; and

we will not arrange or pay for an alternative vehicle for your use whilst defects are being corrected by us.


Our Guarantee will not cover defects or damage arising from (a) normal wear and tear, (b) wilful damage or negligence by you, or any third party, (c) use otherwise than as reasonably recommended by us or the Vehicle's manufacturer, (d) failure to follow our or the Vehicle's manufacturer's reasonable instructions (e) your continuing to use the Vehicle after discovery of the defect covered by the Guarantee or (e) any relevant alteration carried out without our approval.

If we recommend work which you do not authorise us to do then our Guarantee will not cover any defect or damage arising as a result of that work not being done.

Our Guarantee is strictly limited to work carried out by My Car Servicing, we will not, under this Guarantee, accept charges for any repairs you have had undertaken by other garages/repairers. Our Guarantee does not apply to any tyres.

Failure to enforce or non-reliance on any of these Terms & Conditions by the My Car Servicing on a particular occasion or occasions will not prevent the My Car Servicing from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

We may monitor and record communications with you (including phone conversations and emails) for quality assurance and compliance reasons. Interpretation, use of English law & language

These Terms and Conditions, and any agreement entered into in connection with the same, shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Please phone us on: 0800 002 9255

Or write to: My Car Servicing, Marston House, Elmdon Lane, Solihull, B37.


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